"GROOMED was outstanding.  So well done, thoughtful and truly courageous on so many dimensions.  I applaud Gwen’s strength and persistence and her commitment to building community and empowering many others to share their stories.  As a mom, it was powerful and a film I will actively support in my parent community as everyone should see it, know about grooming and learn."

Sarah D.

"There are just so many feelings that come having watched Groomed: first and foremost Gwen’s courage to talk about. Most people would not mention. Maybe few would tell the story. Nobody I know would put their first, raw and unprocessed reactions on the screen.

The story is beautiful, powerful and delicate all at the same time."

- Julia J

"I am sitting here not only feeling admiration for Gwen but anger at how desperately poor the judicial system is, once a grooming victim has the bravery to act on what’s happened to them."

- Peter

"By aspiring to be as brave and as self-aware as Gwen demonstrated in the film, I was able to have a breakthrough in my own PTSD. I believe her film has the potential to literally save lives and she captures all of that meaning in a 1 and 1/2 hour riveting film."

Ron Itelman

"What a remarkable film -- artistic, emotional, cause-worthy and thoughtful. Thank you for your bravery, thank you for sharing your talent and thank you for opening up the hearts and minds of those around you."

Dan L.

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